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MY DYING BRIDE For Darkest Eyes CD + DVD.jpg

MY DYING BRIDE For Darkest Eyes CD + DVD

RM 75.00

Label:Peaceville – CDVILEDX935
DVD, DVD-Video, PAL, Reissue
Released:Feb 11, 2022
Style:Doom Metal

Live In Poland
CD-1A Sea To Suffer In6:09
CD-2The Songless Bird6:10
CD-3The Crown Of Sympathy9:51
CD-4The Thrash Of Naked Limbs6:27
CD-5The Cry Of Mankind6:53
CD-6Your River7:47
CD-7Black Voyage9:26
CD-8Your Shameful Heaven6:10
CD-9From Darkest Skies7:46
CD-10The Forever People4:53

DVD-1A Sea To Suffer In6:11
DVD-2The Songless Bird6:07
DVD-3The Crown Of Sympathy9:46
DVD-4The Thrash Of Naked Limbs6:33
DVD-5The Cry Of Mankind6:53
DVD-6Your River7:46
DVD-7Black Voyage9:27
DVD-8Your Shameful Heaven6:03
DVD-9From Darkest Skies7:53
DVD-10The Forever People5:00
Promotional Videos
DVD-11Symphonaire Infernus Et Spera Empyrium5:33
DVD-12The Thrash Of Naked Limbs4:41
DVD-13The Songless Bird4:49
DVD-14I Am The Bloody Earth4:36
DVD-15The Cry Of Mankind4:45
DVD-16For You4:16
Extra Footage
Willem II - The Netherlands 07-11-93
DVD-17The Songless Bird7:20
DVD-18The Snow In My Hand7:10
DVD-19The Crown Of Sympathy10:29
DVD-20The Thrash Of Naked Limbs6:56
DVD-21I Am The Bloody Earth6:59
DVD-22Symphonaire Infernus...5:51
DVD-23Turn Loose The Swans10:37
DVD-24Sear Me MCMXCIII7:09
Simplon 1992
DVD-25Sear Me8:43
Dynamo Festival 1995
DVD-26Your River8:37
DVD-27A Sea To Suffer In6:43
DVD-28The Songless Bird7:03
DVD-29The Cry Of Mankind6:46