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DIO The Singles Box Set (1983-1993) (13 × CD, Single, Reissue, Remastered + DVD).jpg

DIO The Singles Box Set (1983-1993) (14 × CD, Single, Reissue, Remastered + DVD)

RM 500.00

Limited 15 disc (14 CD + PAL/Region 2 DVD) box set from the Metal vocalist. After leaving Black Sabbath, the legendary Ronnie James Dio formed his self-titled super group with a string of seminal releases that continue to influence the worlds of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal to this day. This Singles Box Set gathers all of the band's classic singles on Vertigo/Universal in replicas of the original release, as well as a DVD featuring all of the corresponding promo videos and a book featuring their complete Vertigo discography. 

Universal UMC ‎– 006025 2799275 4
Box Set, Compilation
13 × CD, Single, Reissue, Remastered
CD, Mini-Album, Reissue, Remastered
DVD, DVD-Video, Compilation
31 Aug 2012
Heavy Metal

Holy Diver
CD01-01Holy Diver5:53
CD01-02Evil Eyes3:39
CD01-03Don't Talk To Strangers4:53
Rainbow In The Dark
CD02-01Rainbow In The Dark4:16
CD02-02Strand Up And Shout (Live)4:24
CD02-03Straight Through The Heart (Live)4:45
The Last In Line
CD03-01The Last In Line5:48
CD03-02Strand Up And Shout (Live)4:24
CD03-03Straight Through The Heart (Live)4:45
We Rock
CD04-01We Rock4:34
CD04-02Holy Diver (Live)4:30
CD04-03Rainbow In The Dark (Live)4:49
CD05-02Eat Your Heart Out (Live)5:13
CD05-03Don't Talk To Strangers (Live)6:06
Rock 'N' Roll Children
CD06-01Rock 'N' Roll Children4:34
CD06-02We Rock (Live)4:49
CD06-03The Last In Line (Live)5:20
Hungry For Heaven
CD07-01Hungry For Heaven4:11
CD07-02King Of Rock 'N' Roll (Live)3:35
CD07-03Like The Beat Of A Heart (Live)5:04
CD08-01Like The Beat Of A Heart (Live)5:04
CD08-02We Rock (Live)4:44
CD08-03Holy Diver (Live)4:29
The Dio EP
CD09-01Hide In The Rainbow3:58
CD09-02Hungry For Heaven4:10
CD09-03Shame One The Night5:16
CD09-04Egypt (The Chains Are On)6:57
I Could Have Been A Dreamer
CD10-01I Could Have Been A Dreamer
CD10-02Night People4:45
CD10-03Sunset Superman5:47
All The Fools Sailed Away
CD11-01All The Fools Sailed Away7:14
Hey Angel
CD12-01Hey Angel4:53
CD12-02Why Are They Watching Me4:48
CD12-03Rock 'N' Roll Children4:13
Jesus, Mary And The Holy Ghost
CD13-01Jesus, Mary And The Holy Ghost4:09
CD13-02Straight Through The Heart4:46
CD13-03Shame On The Night4:38
Intermission: Live 1986
CD14-01King Of Rock And Roll3:42
CD14-02Rainbow In The Dark4:42
CD14-03Sacred Heart6:29
CD14-04Time To Burn4:26
CD14-05Rock 'N' Roll Children9:40
CD14-06Long Live Rock 'N' Roll
CD14-07Man On The Silver Mountain
CD14-08We Rock4:58
The Videos (1983-1993)
DVD-01Holy Diver
DVD-02Stand Up And Shout
DVD-03Rainbow In The Dark
DVD-05The Last In Line
DVD-06We Rock
DVD-07Rock 'N' Roll Children
DVD-08King Of Rock And Roll
DVD-09I Could Have Been A Dreamer
DVD-10All The Fools Sailed Away
DVD-11Hey Angel