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CHRISTIAN DEATH The Dark Age Renaissance Collection Part 1 - The Renaissance (FAT JEWEL CASE BOXSET) 4CD

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Issued in a thick jewel box with a 24-page booklet.

"Beneath His Widow" is listed in the box backcover and in booklet but is not present on the disc.

"The Glass House" and "The Fleeing Somnambulist" are on the same track.

Track 2-4 title "Laments (Over The Shadows)" on the back cover and in the booklet.

CD1: Catastrophe Ballet (1984)

CD2: Ashes (1985)

CD3: Atrocities (1986)

CD4: The Scriptures (1987)

Label:    Season Of Mist – SOM 641

Format:    CD, Album, Reissue

CD, Album, Reissue

CD, Album, Reissue

CD, Album, Reissue

All Media, Compilation

Country:    Europe

Released:    Nov 5, 2021

Genre:    Rock

Style:    Goth Rock, Deathrock

Catastrophe Ballet    

1-1        Awake At The Wall

1-2        Sleepwalk

1-3        The Drowning

1-4        The Blue Hour

1-5        As Evening Falls

1-6        Androgynous Noise Hand Permeates

1-7        Electra Descending

1-8        Cervix Couch

1-9        The Glass House / The Fleeing Somnambulist Ashes    

2-1        Ashes

2-2        Ashes Part 2

2-3        When I Was Bed

2-4        Lament (Over The Shadows)

2-5        Face

2-6        The Luxury Of Tears

2-7        Of The Wound


3-1        Will-O-The Wisp

3-2        Tales Of Innocence

3-3        Strapping Me Down

3-4        The Danzig Waltz

3-5        Chimere De-Ci De-La

3-6        Silent Thunder

3-7        Strange Fortune

3-8        Ventriloquist

3-9        Gloomy Sunday

3-10        The Death Of Josef

The Scriptures    

4-1        Prelude

4-2        Song Of Songs

4-3        Vanity

4-4        Four Horsemen

4-5        Omega Dawn

4-6        A Ringing In Their Ears

4-7        Golden Age

4-8        Alpha Sunset

4-9        Spilt Blood

4-10        Raw War

4-11        Reflection (Of The First Sesom Fo Koob)

4-12        Jezebel's Tribulations

4-13        Wraeththu