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(Used) WADGE Double-Take Hawai'ian Style! CD

(Used) WADGE Double-Take Hawai'ian Style! CD

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Label:    Regurgitated Semen Records – RSR 066


CD, Album

Country:    Germany

Released:    2009

Genre:    Rock

Style:    Surf, Grindcore

1        Cleared For Landing At Honolulu International (Knotts' Landing)    0:41

2        Never Double Cross A Samoan    1:25

3        The Spirit Of Aloha (Chanting For Refills)    1:26

4        The Love God? Meets The Tiki God    1:09

5        Tied Up In Knotts (He's Got The Locals In Stitches)    1:05

6        Don Juan De Knottso (By Hovercraft To Moloka'i)    0:32

7        Meeting Menehune In The Marvelous Mountains Of Maui    1:20

8        Don Knotts Gets Lei'd (By Teleportation To Moloka'i)    1:07

9        The Shakiest Mai Tai In The Bar (By Outrigger To Lana'i)    1:02

10        The Tiki And Mr. Chicken    1:10

11        Furley Freakout    1:13

12        Ultimo Mondo Donnibale    0:44

13        Journey To The Bottom Of The Volcano    1:45

14        Satanic Night Of A Thousand Inverted Goats On Lana'i    2:24

15        The Pineapple Dumpling Gang (By Humpback To Kaho'olawe)    1:48

16        Don Knotts Joins A Doom Band On Molokini (Breaka Breaka Don)    1:16

17        The Wadge Exotica Ensemble Plays The Forbidden Sound Of Manglement, Kidney Stone On Kaua'i / Those Aren't Coconuts! / Nervous Laughter, Awkward Silence As Don Knotts Pees In The Pool / Fistful Of Barney / Hula Hula Don Don Don / The Pineapple Dumpling Gang Rides Again / 24 Hour Visit From Tim Conway / Dashing Don Does Diamond Head / Scream Bloody Knotts / You Say Tomato, Don Says 'Let's Get Sauced!'    1:03

18        Don Knotts Pukes On A German Tourist    2:12

19        Bug-Eyed And Chicken Livered (By Jet Pack To Maui)    1:09

20        Elvis And Don (By Copter To Kaua'i)    0:27

21        Leisure Suit Shuffle (By Surfboard To O'ahu)    0:23

22        Don Knotts. Don Ho. Double Trouble.    2:16

23        Don Knotts Is Human Prey Trapped In A Whirlwind Struggle Enslaved By Propaganda After World Obliteration On O'ahu    1:40

24        Dong Knoxxx (By Coconut Monkey Raft To The Big Island)    1:02

25        Hunting The Hawai'ian Sasquatch    1:56

26        Horror Of The Tikis (Don Of The Dead)    2:01

27        Snorkelling For Sea Monkeys    1:56

28        Don Knotts Gets The Trots    1:02

29        Hula Girl Double-Take    1:33

30        Farewell From Don - Thanks For The Mammaries (By 707 To The Mainland)    20:57