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(Used) SABBAT Bloody Countess (Compilation, Limited Edition) 3CD

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Compilation that contains Sabbat's early demo material, rare rehearsals, unreleased recordings and live recordings from 1984-86, including the pre-Sabbat band recordings, when they were called Evil.

3 CDs in a digibook set, limited to 666 copies. Some copies include 8 stickers.

CD 1:
01-08: Recorded in 1985-1986, published as "Bloody Countess" demo 1989
09-13: Recorded at S.K. Studio 1986
14-16: Recorded at Asai Cleaning Studio 1985
CD 2:
01-03: Recorded at S.K. Studio 1986
04-05: Recorded at S.K. Studio 1987
06-07: Live at Geion Theatre, Nagoya 04-11-1984
08-10: Live at Kuwana Public Hakk 1985 or 1986
11-12: Live at Yanta Rockmayhem 1987
13-18: Rehearsal 1983 (as EVIL)
CD 3:
01-06: Live at Freaks, Ohmiya 24-11-1986
07-14: Live at Geion Gekijo, Nagoya 13-08-1987

Copyright EVIL RECORDS/SABBAT/Masachi Tachi, Japan, 1983-87/2001
Licensed by FOAD Records 2011 in collaboration with AreaDeath Productions.
Graphics and layout by KMD (
Officially Distributed by FOAD Records & ADP Records/Xmusick
Tracks 1-12 (CD 1) originally licensed by Afterlife Productions, Malaysia 2002

F.O.A.D. Records ‎– FOAD 024, AreaDeath Productions ‎– ADP 051
3 × CD, Compilation, Limited Edition
01 Aug 2011
Black Metal, Heavy Metal

CD 1
1-01Welcome To Sabbat - Spatter8:13
1-02Bring Me The Head Of Satan3:00
1-03Bloody Countess6:11
1-04Panic In The Head3:15
1-06The Egg Of Motley (Madara No Tamago)6:15
1-07Children Of Hell3:21
1-08Kanashibari Part 16:13
1-09Bloody Countess6:35
1-10Immortality Of The Soul7:09
1-11Children Of Hell3:18
1-12Bring Me The Head Of Satan2:52
1-13Wolf Man4:59
1-14Mion's Hill4:56
CD 2
2-01Panic In The Head3:28
2-03Mion's Hill5:20
2-04Immortality Of The Soul4:13
2-06Welcome To Sabbat - Panic In The Head7:58
2-07Wolf Man4:55
2-08Lady Lust3:13
2-09Welcome To Hell3:17
2-10Panic In The Head3:42
2-11Welcome To Hell3:45
2-12Long Way To The Beyond5:36
2-13Black Metal3:39
2-14To Hell And Back2:53
2-15Countess Bathory3:40
2-17Welcome To Hell2:48
2-18In League With Satan3:02
CD 3
3-01Intro / Welcome To Sabbat4:37
3-02Poison Child4:30
3-03Children Of Hell3:29
3-04Black Fire4:34
3-05Immortality Of The Soul6:53
3-06Mion's Hill4:55
3-07Satanic Rites2:08
3-08Curdle The Blood4:00
3-09Crest Of Satan6:04
3-10Poison Child5:01
3-11Immortality Of The Soul6:57
3-12Devil's Sperm Is Cold5:58
3-13Black Fire7:04
3-14Mion's Hill5:58