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(Used) IRON MAIDEN Rock In Rio - Interview CD

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Bruce Dickinson (Vocals)
Q1The Band Gave A Very Energetic Performance At Rock In Rio, Even Though You Were On Stage For Two Hours, In The Early Hours Of The Morning, In Front Of An Enormous Crowd. How Tiring Did You Find That Show?
A1IN: "Well, Yeah, Rio Was One Of The Most Tiring Shows... " OUT: "...Sitting There, Going. "Wow!""
Q2But Did You Get A Lift From The Adrenalin Of Playing Such A Big Show?
A2IN: "Oh God, If You Play In Front Of 250,000 People..." OUT: "...Of Course I Did, Yeah."
Q3Iron Maiden Has Of Course Released Live Albumis In The Past. Why Was It Important To You To Release Another One Now?
A3IN: "The Best Album That The Band Recorded Live..." OUT: "...The Next Best Thing I Heard Was The Mix."
Q4Kevin Shirley Of Course Co-produced 'Brave New World'. Why Did You Want To Keep Him Involved With The Band?
A4IN: Well, It Was Extraordinarily Important..." OUT: "...Kevin't The Man."
Q5What Have You Been Doing Since Rock In Rio...?
A5IN: "Well, Since Rock In Rio..." OUT: "...I Manage To Fill In All The Gaps!"
Q6You Are Playing Some Benefit Shows For Clive Butt, Your Former Drummer, Who Is Suffering From Multiple Sclerosis. How Did You Find Out About His Plight?
A6IN: "Well, I Found Out About Clive's Illness..." OUT: "...A Trust Fund To Administer The Money."
Q7Can You Tell Us About The Clive Burr MS Trust Fund?
A7IN: "The Trust Fund Is Going To Initially Start..." OUT: "...They've Done That."
Nicko McBrain (Drums)
A8What Are Your Lasting Memories Of Rock In Rio?
A8IN: "Well, Obviously The Masses Of Amounts Of People That Were There..." OUT: "...Back In January."
A9What Are Your Your Best Memories Of The Metal 2000 / Brave New World Tour?
A9IN: "The Memory Of The Whole Tour..." OUT: "...My Highlight I Think Definitely Was Earls Court."
Q10Where Was The Best Party On The Tour?
A10IN: "Let's Imagine This OUT: "...It Probably Wouldn't Be The Same, Would It?