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5 disc boxset containing every album these thrash legends ever released (Terror And Submission 1987, Mind Wars 1988, El Revengo 2006, Live Terror 2006) plus a DVD containing live sets from Milwaukee, Chicago and Anaheim.

The DVD also includes the official video for “Judas Reward”.

Issued with a fold-out booklet containing lyrics, photos and band history transcribed by guitarist Mike Alvord.

Track order on disc 5 not stated in release, derives from external source. Track order listed in release as follows;

disc 5 - dvd

live sets from milwaukee, chicago, anaheim

judas reward video, slideshow

Label:   Dissonance Productions ‎– DISS071CD

Format:   Box Set, Compilation

CD, Album, Reissue

CD, Album, Reissue

CD, Album, Reissue

CD, Album, Reissue

DVD, Compilation


Released:   27 Oct 2017

Genre:   Rock

Style:   Thrash


Disc 1 - Terror And Submission

CD1-1Black Plague

CD1-2Evil’s Rising

CD1-3Blood Of Saints

CD1-4Mortal Fear

CD1-5Guardians Of The Netherworld

CD1-6Distant Calling

CD1-7Terror And Submission

CD1-8Tomorrow’s End

CD1-9Alpha Omega (The Bringer Of Balance)

Disc 2 - Mind Wars

CD2-1Judas Reward

CD2-2Debt Of Pain

CD2-3The Immoral Wasteland

CD2-4A Fool’s Gold

CD2-5Terminal Humor

CD2-6Mind Wars

CD2-7Damned By Judges

CD2-8Do Unto Others

CD2-9No Resurrection

CD2-10Christian Resistance

Disc 3 - El Revengo

CD3-1A Fool’s Gold / Terminal Humor

CD3-2Christian Resistance

CD3-3Damned By Judges

CD3-4No Resurrection

CD3-5Evil’s Rising

CD3-6Mortal Fear

CD3-7Distant Calling

CD3-8Alpha Omega (The Bringer Of Balance)

CD3-9Blood Of The Saints

CD3-10Black Plague

CD3-11Terror & Submission

CD3-12Tomorrow’s End

CD3-13Guardians Of The Netherworld

Disc 4 - El Revengo - Live Terror

Live In Dendermonde, Belgium

CD4-1Black Plague

CD4-2Evil’s Rising

CD4-3Judas Reward

CD4-4Debt Of Pain

CD4-5Distant Calling

CD4-6Christian Resistance

CD4-7Blood Of The Saints

CD4-8Immoral Wasteland

CD4-9Alpha Omega

Live In Fort Lauderdale, Florida

CD4-10Do Unto Others

CD4-11Christian Resistance

CD4-12Alpha Omega

Live in Milan, Italy

CD4-13Judas Reward

CD4-14Black Plague

Disc 5 - DVD

Live In Milwaukee 1988


DVD-2Black Plague

DVD-3Do Unto Others

DVD-4Alpha Omega

DVD-5Christian Resistance

DVD-6Judas Reward

DVD-7No Resurrection

DVD-8A Fools Gold / Terminal Humor / Mind Wars

DVD-9Blood Of The Saints

Live In Chicago 1988

DVD-10Blood Of The Saints

DVD-11A Fools Gold / Terminal Humor / Mind Wars

Live In Anaheim 1988


DVD-13Black Plague

DVD-14Do Unto Others

DVD-15Alpha Omega

DVD-16Christian Resistance

DVD-17Judas Reward

DVD-18No Resurrection

DVD-19Blood Of The Saints

DVD-20Slide Show

DVD-21Judas Reward Video