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SIGH Scorn Defeat (2020 Reissue) 2CD

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Disc 2 features rehearsal demos (tracks 1-3) and the Scorn Defeat 20th Anniversary Gig (tracks 4-14), the latter originally released by Mort Productions.

Label:Peaceville – CDVILEDX872
2 x CD, Album, Reissue
Released:Aug 28, 2020
Style:Black Metal, Avantgarde

Disc Revenge - Scorn Defeat
1-1A Victory of Dakini6:50
1-2The Knell4:21
1-3At My Funeral5:43
1-5Ready For The Final War9:17
1-6Weakness Within3:07
1-7Taste Defeat7:56
Scorn Defeat Rough Mixes
1-8The Knell (Rough Mix)
1-9At My Funeral (Rough Mix)
1-10Taste Defeat (Rough Mix)

Disc Violence - Scorn Defeat Demos
2-1The Knell
2-2A Victory Of Dakini
2-3The Third Eye
2-4The Knell
Scorn Defeat 20th Anniversary Show
2-5Gundali (Intro) - Teacher's Pet (Venom Cover)6:09
2-6Taste Defeat6:58
2-7The Knell3:36
2-9Countess Bathory (Venom Cover)3:35
2-10Weakness Within3:03
2-11A Victory Of Dakini5:57
2-12Schizo (Venom Cover)2:59
2-13Evil Dead (Death Cover)2:55
2-14Witching Hour (Venom Cover)2:43