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SAUTS ALASTOR Celestial Odium Diaboli (digipak) CD.jpg

SAUTS ALASTOR Celestial Odium Diaboli (digipak) CD

RM 40.00

Finally the wait is over. 20 years after The Grand Executor EP, a debut fullength album soon to be unleashed this coming 27th July at The Gathering 2019 - Bentley Auditorium Damansara.

Get your hardcopies Digipak CD with 8 new tracks recorded in KL and mastered by Enormous Door Mastering u.s.a (Darkthrone Old Star/Aura Noir/Mork/Knusta Ruter/Akrasia, Summon The Crows, etc...) presented with 16 pages booklet with dark majestic paintings and artworks exclusively spawned for this release. Sauts Monastery remains still ; among the ashes of fallen ancient temples. Agios O Baphomet!