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HAMMERFALL Renegade 2.0 (20-Year Anniversary Edition) 2CD+DVD

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20-Year Anniversary Edition of the band's 3rd album, originally releases in 2000.

"Renegade 2.0" 2CD+DVD Box Set including the 2020 remixed version of the album, the original album plus 6 bonus tracks, a bonus DVD "The Templar Renegade Crusades" a 60-page booklet with extensive linear notes, lyrics etc. and new cover artwork.

DVD is region free in PAL format, 4:3 aspect ratio, PCM stereo.

Label:    Nuclear Blast – 27361 55660


CD, Album, Remastered

CD, Album, Original Album

DVD, DVD-Video, Compilation

Box Set, Limited Edition, 20-Year Anniversary Edition

Country:    Europe

Released:    Nov 12, 2021

Genre:    Rock

Style:    Heavy Metal

Album, The Remix 2020    

CD1-1        Templars Of Steel

CD1-2        Keep The Flame Burning

CD1-3        Renegade

CD1-4        Living In Victory

CD1-5        Always Will Be

CD1-6        The Way Of The Warrior

CD1-7        Destined For Glory

CD1-8        The Champion

CD1-9        Raise The Hammer

CD1-10        A Legend Reborn

The Original Album    

CD2-1        Templars Of Steel

CD2-2        Keep The Flame Burning

CD2-3        Renegade

CD2-4        Living In Victory

CD2-5        Always Will Be

CD2-6        The Way Of The Warrior

CD2-7        Destined For Glory

CD2-8        The Champion

CD2-9        Raise The Hammer

CD2-10        A Legend Reborn

Bonus - Taken from "Renegade" single    

CD2-11        Run With The Devil

CD2-12        Head Over Heels

Bonus - Taken from "The Templar Renegade Crusades" EP    

CD2-13        Templars Of Steel

CD2-14        Let The Hammer Fall

CD2-15        Renegade

CD2-16        Hammerfall

DVD - The Templar Renegade Crusades    

DVD-1        Intro

DVD-2        I Want Out (Video Montage From Hansen Studios)

DVD-3        Unchained (Live In Switzerland)

DVD-4        Legacy Of Kings (Live In U.S.A.)

DVD-5        Remember Yesterday (Live In Japan)

DVD-6        Warriors Of Faith (Live In Chile)

DVD-7        Let The Hammer Fall (Live In Sweden)

DVD-8        I Believe (Live In Sweden)

DVD-9        Breaking The Law (Video Montage)

DVD-10        Wireworld Studios (The Making Of "Renegade")

DVD-11        Renegade (Video Clip)

DVD-12        "Renegade" Album Launch

DVD-13        Always Will Be (Video Clip)

DVD-14        Raise The Hammer (Live In Switzerland)

DVD-15        Stronger Than All (Live In Chile)

The Renegade World Crusade    

DVD-16-01        Templars Of Steel (Live In Germany)    

DVD-16-02        Let The Hammer Fall (Live In Germany)    

DVD-16-03        Renegade (Live In Germany)    

DVD-16-04        Hammerfall (Live In Germany)    

DVD-17        Heeding The Call (Live In Sweden, Acoustic Version)

DVD-18        Gold Album Party

DVD-19        A Legend Reborn (Video Montage)

DVD-20        Outro