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DEATH ANGEL A Thrashumentary (Limited Edition, Digipak) CD + DVD

RM 65.00

Label:    Nuclear Blast – NB 2751-0, Nuclear Blast – 2751-0




Country:    US

Released:    Jul 17, 2015

Genre:    Rock

Style:    Thrash

A Thrashumentary.    

DVD-1        Start

DVD-2        We Grew Up In The Bay Area Thrash Scene

DVD-3        The Original Lineup Of Death Angel

DVD-4        Kill As One

DVD-5        The Ultra Violence

DVD-6        Frolic In The Park

DVD-7        Act III

DVD-8        The Accident

DVD-9        The O

DVD-10        Swarm

DVD-11        Thrash Of The Titans

DVD-12        I Like Everything About Ted

DVD-13        The Art Of Dying

DVD-14        Killing Season

DVD-15        Relentless Revolution

DVD-16        I'm Looking For Will Carroll

DVD-17        And Then Damien Came In

DVD-18        Relentless Retribution

DVD-19        Impressions Of Suecof

DVD-20        Relentless Touring

DVD-21        Thrashers

DVD-22        Death Angel Is

DVD-23        The Last Song Of The Evening

DVD-24        Credits


DVD-25        Mistress of Pain Live

Bonus CD: The Bay Calls For Blood - Live In San Francisco    

CD-1        Left For Dead    5:42

CD-2        Fallen    4:41

CD-3        Buried Alive    4:47

CD-4        The Dream Calls For Blood    4:24

CD-5        Execution / Don't Save Me    4:42

CD-6        Truce    3:32

CD-7        Detonate    5:13

CD-8        Bored   3:38

CD-9        Caster Of Shame    3:59

CD-10        Territorial Instinct / Bloodlust    7:2