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(Used) CREED Greatest Hits CD+DVD

(Used) CREED Greatest Hits CD+DVD

RM 45.00

Label:    Wind-Up – 5192173000


CD, Compilation


Country:    New Zealand

Released:    2004

Genre:    Rock

Style:    Heavy Metal

CD1        Torn

CD2        My Own Prison

CD3        What's This Life For

CD4        One

CD5        Are You Ready

CD6        Higher

CD7        With Arms Wide Open

CD8        What If

CD9        One Last Breath

CD10        Don't Stop Dancing

CD11        Bullets

CD12        My Sacrifice

CD13        Weathered

DVD1        My Own Prison

DVD2        What's This Life For

DVD3        Higher

DVD4        What If

DVD5        With Arms Wide Open

DVD6        Bullets

DVD7        My Sacrifice

DVD8        One Last Breath

DVD9        Don't Stop Dancing

DVD10        Torn (Live)

DVD11        Higher (Live)

DVD12        Weathered (Live)