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LANGSUIR Engkar mini-CD + free poster

RM 40.00


O Jin Sa-Raja Jin,

Jin bernama Gempa di Rimba,

Jin bernama Gempa di Bukit,

Jin bernama Gempa di Baru!

From Ajil to Raban, from Kuala Muda to Tanjung Tualang, succumbed into the realm of the Malay Magick, of serapah and jampi-jampi. From the realm of Moyang Kaban, LANGSUIR emerged with its latest offering: five tracks of Malayneum mysticks and okkults, known as ENGKAR. An ensemble of charming threnodies.

The embroidery aims to capture the hearts of the wandering Austroasiatic spirits. Of pantun, gurindam, and syair, interweaved into tracks of melodic yet eerily death-mongering metal, crafted by the gravely olden Batara Guru, crooned by thus enchanted Azlanthor.

The gates of Malam Jumaat were unlocked. Do not conjure. Do not. You have been warned.

The ENGKAR CD will be forged and unmoored by Goatlordth Records on strictly limited copies. Be sure to grab the first press!

RM40 CD + A3 posters (without postage).