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CRADLE OF FILTH Cruelty And The Beast - Re-Mistressed CD

RM 75.00

Originally released in May 1998, CRADLE OF FILTH's heavy metal classic "Cruelty And The Beast" is regarded as one of the milestones in the gothic black metal genre.

Now 21 years later, this lustfully dark masterpiece has been wickedly remixed and remastered by Grindstone Studio's Scott Atkins and will be reissued on November 1 through legendary U.K. label Music For Nations.

Singer Dani Filth comments: "Released on the 5th of May, around the same time as we were arrested at the Vatican, 'Cruelty And The Beast' had been a painstaking labour of love, a year of intense writing amid ever growing popularity and distraction. The album's concept of the Hungarian blood countess Elizabeth Bathory — both historically astute and fictionally correct — was to become a dangerous obsession of mine and one that saw many a first light of dawn working on the lyrics, hellbent on making the story worthy of her legend."

Music For Nations ‎– 19075880882
CD, Album, Reissue, Remastered
01 Nov 2019
Black Metal

1Once Upon Atrocity1:43
2Thirteen Autumns And A Widow7:14
3Cruelty Brought Thee Orchids7:18
4Beneath The Howling Stars7:42
5Venus In Fear2:20
6Desire In Violent Overture4:16
7The Twisted Nails Of Faith6:50
Bathory Aria(11:02)
8.1Benighted Like Usher
8.2A Murder Of Ravens In Fugue
8.3Eyes That Witnessed Madness
9Portrait Of The Dead Countess2:52
10Lustmord And Wargasm (The Lick Of Carnivorous Winds)7:30
11Hallowed Be Thy Name

Dayal says: "'Cruelty And The Beast' has long been considered a milestone album in CRADLE OF FILTH's career, a combination of atmospheric storytelling and visceral, and surprisingly vicious, songs. This 21st-anniversary edition has bolstered those songs with an added weight, improving the sound considerably with a warmer and punchier mix, making it a must hear for long-time fans and newcomers alike."

75 limited-edition test pressing vinyl versions will also be available, each coming with a personalised signed letter from the prince of darkness himself.

With Dani Filth fully committed to the collaboration and endorsement of both the new audio and artwork, the band will be working on promo and there will be a celebratory exclusive live show at London Palladium on October 19 where they will be performing the album in its entirety.

Dani concludes: "'Cruelty And The Beast' remains a phenomenally important album in the band's back catalogue and one that I am exceptionally proud of, as I am exceptionally proud of this re-mistressed version, 21 years on from the original release. I hope the listener — sitting there by the flame-lit hearth with his/her walnut pipe on the go — thoroughly enjoys this CRADLE classic, so vividly brought back to life for the fickle world today."