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(Used) PEARL JAM Lost Dogs 2CD

RM 50.00


Cased in an 8-panel digipak with 2 clear tray & 36-page booklet. Includes written commentaries and memories of the band members to each of the songs. 

Some copies include a post manufacture sticker which features the barcode, others don't have the sticker.

A collection of B-sides and other released and unreleased rarities. A number of songs differ from the originally released versions, including "U", "Dirty Frank", "Wash", and "Alone". 

Catalog numbers of this product :
Printed on edge cover : 513640 2
Printed on back cover : EPC 513640 2 / 5136402001

Disc 1 - cat# 5136402001/1
Disc 2 - cat# 5136402001/2

© 2003 Sony Music Entertainment Inc./"Epic"
℗ 1991 (Footsteps; Wash; Let Me Sleep), 1992 (Dirty Frank); 1993 (Alone), 1998 (Last Kiss), 2000 (Fatal; Strangest Tribe; Drifting), 2002 (Down, Undone), 2003 (All Night; Sad; Hitchhiker; Don't Gimme No Lip; In The Moonlight; Education; Black, Red, Yellow; U; Leavin Here; Gremmie Out Of Control; Whale Song; Hold On; Yellow Ledbetter; Other Side; Hard To Imagine; Dead Man; Sweet Lew; Brother; Bee Girl) Sony Music Entertainment Inc.

Back cover and CD:
© 2003 Sony Music Entertainment Inc. ℗ 1991, 1992, 1993, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2003 Sony Music Entertainment Inc.
"Epic" Registered Trademark. Epic (logo) is the exclusive trademark ok Sony Music Entertainment Inc.

On CD: Made in Austria

Track 1-1, 1-5 - outtakes from No Code.
Track 1-2, 1-4, 1-7, 1-8, 2-1, 2-11 - outtakes from Binaural.
Track 1-3, 1-14 - B-sides to I Am Mine, outtakes from Riot Act. 
Track 1-6 - B-Side to Go, outtake from Ten.
Track 1-9 - B-side to Hail, Hail, outtake from No Code.
Track 1-10 - B-side to Wishlist, outtake from Yield. Alternative spelling "You".
Track 1-11 - recorded for the Home Alive compilation.
Track 1-12 - recorded for the Music For Our Mother Ocean Vol. 1 compilation.
Track 1-13 - recorded for the Music For Our Mother Ocean Vol. 3 compilation.
Track 1-15 - outtake from Ten (listed incorrectly as from Vs.)
Track 1-16, 2-4 - B-sides to Jeremy, outtake from Ten.
Track 2-2 - B-side to Save You, outtake from Riot Act.
Track 2-3 - outtake from Vs.
Track 2-5 - B-Side to Alive, outtake from Ten.
Track 2-6 - B-side to Off He Goes, recorded for the Dead Man Walking Soundtrack.
Track 2-7, 2-8 - taken from the 1999 Fan Club Christmas Single.
Track 2-9 - taken from the 1991 Fan Club Christmas Single.
Track 2-10 - taken from the 1998 Fan Club Christmas Single.
Track 2-12 - B-side to Even Flow, outtake from Ten.
Track 2-13 - outtake from Ten.
Track 2-14 - Live Radio Broadcast: Rockline, produced by Westwood One Broadcast. Contains the hidden track 4/20/02, a song honoring Layne Staley. It begins exactly 4:22 after "Bee Girl", at 6:04.

Epic ‎– 513640 2, Epic ‎– EPC 513640 2, Epic ‎– 5136402001
2 × CD, Compilation
Alternative Rock, Acoustic, Hard Rock, Grunge

1-1All Night3:22
1-5Don't Gimme No Lip2:35
1-7In The Moonlight3:07
1-9Black, Red, Yellow3:26
1-11Leaving Here2:51
1-12Gremmie Out Of Control2:25
1-13Whale Song3:35
1-15Hold On4:22
1-16Yellow Ledbetter5:00
2-2Other Side4:04
2-3Hard To Imagine4:36
2-6Dead Man4:16
2-7Strangest Tribe3:49
2-9Let Me Sleep2:59
2-10Last Kiss3:17
2-11Sweet Lew2:12
2-12Dirty Frank5:42
2-14Bee Girl9:55