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NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA Sometimes The World Ain't Enough (Limited Digipack CD - incl. bonus track).jpg

(Back Order) NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA Sometimes The World Ain't Enough (Limited Digipack CD - incl. bonus track)

RM 85.00

Release 29 June 2018

Has the NFO completely lost it?

This year, they?re back with their new album, »Sometimes The World Ain?t Enough«, taking the band even further. This album has all the catchy tunes, the musical artistry and the inimitable Swedish melancholy - everything?s still slightly over the top and there?s even more for you to love.

?Don?t forget, the NFO is your band, there to cheer you on when you?re attending a party you know you shouldn?t, to nurse you through the hangover, to comfort you when you realize that you?re probably too old for this. But you?re not, and neither are we! Hang on in there, and we?ll show you a way to die with your beret on and your dignity still intact.?

»Sometimes The World Ain?t Enough« contains everything you need to survive in the slightly confusing demographic landscape of adulthood, and however much trouble you?re in, there?s always a female space commander whose circumstances make your woes pale in comparison.

?If you want nice music and to have a good time, listen to whatever you want to. If you want to experience uninhibited euphoria and high jinks, listen to the NFO! We won?t be there to help you, but we?ll provide an interesting soundtrack to your experience.?

Can you handle it? 

Track Listings

1. This Time
  2. Turn To Miami
  3. Paralyzed
  4. Sometimes The World Ain't Enough
  5. Moments Of Thunder
  6. Speedwagon
  7. Lovers In The Rain
  8. Can't Be That Bad
  9. Pretty Thing Closing In
  10. Barcelona
  11. Winged And Serpentine
  12. The Last Of The Independent Romantics
  13. Marjorie