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MANOWAR Into Glory Ride Imperial Edition MMXIX (Remixed/Remastered) CD

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When the undisputed kings of the Metal MANOWAR released their debut album -Battle Hymns in 1982, they gave the competition a glowing, bloodied gauntlet and refined and redefined what it meant to be the ultimate champion of the metal code.

The power and the spirit that hymned the early hymn - Metal Daze - and the crushing, epic-battle anthem were indisputable and a sign of what would follow in the future. The sheer, unobtrusive intensity of MANOWAR's music and the band's almost psychotic commitment to be the biggest, loudest and best, immediately shaped her as a unique phenomenon and carrier for a whole culture.

So far, so victorious ... but -Battle Hymns was just the beginning.

On July 1, 1983 MANOWAR released their second album: -Into Glory Ride-. Back in '83,'Into Glory Ride 'broke away from everything that was going on in music: an undeniable statement of compelling metallic intentions from a band without fear and with the desire for fame, but also one of the most brutal and harshest records that were ever published. Granted, the wild tonal qualities of -Into Glory Ride were primarily due to the fact that MANOWAR had no time left in the studio and the sessions had to be rescued with a one-time mixdown at high speed. But setbacks often lead to unexpected spells, and the result of the band's fierce efforts was that -Into Glory Ride- hit with brute force: more vicious, relentless, and hovering than the gates to hell. 

From the opening attack of the Warlord and the monumental grandeur of Gates Of Valhalla to the devastating drama and fateful hatred of Hatred, the album was a master class in heavy metal highness, yet revealing even more cataclysmic power and passion: the Morbid grandeur of Revelation (Death's Angel) - and finally the life-affirming splendor of the final epic -March For Revenge ... These are all immortal classics that are instantly recognizable as the work of Joey DeMaio and his rampant, majestic brethren. ,

Thirty-six years later, producer DeMaio has done another miracle by reviving -Into Glory Ride- with the sonic power and quality that the album has always demanded, and so he still has something against all odds with this ageless monument made colossal, even more inspiring and sonically overwhelming than ever before. ,
The revitalization of these beloved songs in this new, improved form is guaranteed to be an exciting experience for die-hard fans. But imagine you hear -Into Glory Ride- for the first time ... and it sounds like that! It has never felt so good to be completely pulverized. ,

Old and new fans play this masterpiece -louder than hell-. This is Heavy Fucking Metal in its purest form, now and forever.

Magic Circle Entertainment ‎– MCA 01259-2, AL!VE ‎– MCA 01259-2
CD, Album, Reissue, Remastered, Remixed
Heavy Metal

2Secret Of Steel
3Gloves Of Metal
4Gates Of Valhalla
6Revelation (Death's Angel)
7March For Revenge (By The Soldiers Of Death)