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RAMONES Rocket To Russia (40th Anniversary) BOXSET.jpg

(Back Order) RAMONES Rocket To Russia (40th Anniversary) BOXSET

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Made in EU
Printed in EU.
This reissue ℗&© 2017, 1977 Sire Records Company. Marketed by Rhino Entertainment Company, a Warner Music Group company.

Rhino Records (2) ‎– R2 563470, Rhino Records (2) ‎– 081227932718, Sire ‎– R2 563470, Sire ‎– 081227932718, Ramones Productions Inc. ‎– R2 563470, Ramones Productions Inc. ‎– 081227932718
Sire Fifty Years –
CD, Album, Reissue, Remastered
CD, Compilation
Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, Remastered
All Media, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition, Numbered, 40th Anniversary
24 Nov 2017
Rock & Roll, Punk
Tracklist Show Credits
Remastered Original Mixes
1-1Cretin Hop1:55
1-2Rockaway Beach2:06
1-3Here Today, Gone Tomorrow2:49
1-4Locket Love2:11
1-5I Don't Care1:39
1-6Sheena Is A Punk Rocker2:49
1-7We're A Happy Family2:40
1-8Teenage Lobotomy2:01
1-9Do You Wanna Dance?1:55
1-10I Wanna Be Well2:28
1-11I Can't Give You Anything2:01
1-13Surfin' Bird2:37
1-14Why Is It Always This Way?2:19
40th Anniversary Tracking Mix
1-15Cretin Hop1:57
1-16Rockaway Beach2:07
1-17Here Today, Gone Tomorrow2:46
1-18Locket Love2:16
1-19I Don't Care (Version 2)1:51
1-20It's A Long Way Back To Germany (Version 1)2:23
1-21We're A Happy Family2:38
1-22Teenage Lobotomy2:04
1-23Do You Wanna Dance?1:54
1-24I Wanna Be Well2:30
1-25I Can't Give You Anything2:13
1-27Surfin' Bird2:53
1-28Why Is It Always This Way?2:44
Mediasound/Power Station Rough Mixes
2-1Why Is It Always This Way? (Mediasound Rough, Alternate Lyrics)1:58
2-2Rockaway Beach (Power Station Rough)2:06
2-3I Wanna Be Well (Power Station Rough)2:28
2-4Locket Love (Power Station Rough)2:15
2-5I Can't Give You Anything (Power Station Rough)2:02
2-6Cretin Hop (Power Station Rough)1:55
2-7We're A Happy Family (Power Station Rough)2:14
2-8Ramona (Mediasound Rough, Alternate Lyrics)3:06
2-9Do You Wanna Dance? (Mediasound Rough)1:52
2-10Teenage Lobotomy (Mediasound Rough)2:02
2-11Here Today, Gone Tomorrow (Mediasound Rough)2:47
2-12I Don't Care (Version 2, Mediasound Rough)1:46
40th Anniversary Extras
2-13Here Today, Gone Tomorrow (Acoustic Version)2:48
2-14It's A Long Way Back To Germany (Version 1, Dee Dee Vocal)2:24
2-15Ramona (Sweet Little Ramona Pop Mix)3:07
2-16Surfin' Bird (Alternate Vocal)2:40
2-17Teenage Lobotomy (Backing Track)2:06
2-18We're A Happy Family (At Home With The Family)1:02
2-19Cretin Hop (Backing Track)1:58
2-20Needles And Pins (Demo Version)2:44
2-21Babysitter (B-Side Version, Remastered)2:45
2-22It's A Long Way Back To Germany (B-Side Version, Remastered)2:21
2-23Joey RTR Radio Spot Promo0:52
2-24We're A Happy Family (Joey & Dee Dee Dialogue)1:12
Live At Apollo Centre, Glasgow, Scotland (12/19/77)
3-1Rockaway Beach3:00
3-2Teenage Lobotomy2:08
3-3Blitzkrieg Bop2:03
3-4I Wanna Be Well2:21
3-5Glad To See You Go1:51
3-6Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment1:37
3-7You're Gonna Kill That Girl2:27
3-8I Don't Care1:40
3-9Sheena Is A Punk Rocker2:26
3-10Carbona Not Glue1:34
3-12Here Today, Gone Tomorrow3:14
3-13Surfin' Bird2:23
3-14Cretin Hop1:45
3-15Listen To My Heart1:38
3-16California Sun1:48
3-17I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You1:24
3-19Do You Wanna Dance?1:41
3-20Chain Saw1:31
3-21Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World3:25
3-22Now I Wanna Be A Good Boy2:03
3-23Judy Is A Punk1:15
3-24Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue1:22
3-25We're A Happy Family2:26
LP - 40th Anniversary Tracking Mix
A1Cretin Hop1:57
A2Rockaway Beach2:07
A3Here Today, Gone Tomorrow2:46
A4Locket Love2:16
A5I Don't Care (Version 2)1:51
A6It's A Long Way Back To Germany (Version 1)2:23
A7We're A Happy Family2:38
B1Teenage Lobotomy2:04
B2Do You Wanna Dance?1:54
B3I Wanna Be Well2:30
B4I Can't Give You Anything2:13
B6Surfin' Bird2:53
B7Why Is It Always This Way?2:44