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BEASTCRAFT The Infernal Gospels Of Primitive... (CD+DVD)

RM 66.00

All the tracks by Trondr Nefas are from demo material discovered/saved from the crashed Necrochamber of the LeviaSathanas studios written for Beastcraft 2005-2009.

The album is dedicated to Trondr Nefas.

DVD chapters:
1 - Live at Death Is Complete night, Oslo, Norway, 13th of May 2016
2 - Live at the Bunker Festival, Oslo, Norway, 24th of August 2012
3 - Live at the Under the Black Sun Festival, Berlin, Germany, 4th of July 2008
4 - Interview in the LeviaSathanas cellar, Hønefoss, Norway, March 2014
5 - Interview on Hardangervidda, Norway, July 2010
6 - Rehearsal / photosession in Hønefoss, Norway, 23rd of March 2005